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Integrity Media—Your Guide to Cutting Through the Clutter

How many ads do you actually see in a day? Consumers are hit with from 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. It’s a bombardment of advertising flowing in from online, TV, radio, billboards, print and even conversations. How in the world is your business supposed to compete, be remembered and support your sales goals? By partnering with a marketing agency like the Integrity Media team.  We know how to successfully navigate a path to your customers, engage them and earn marketing success.


How Do You Look Online?


How Are You Telling Your Story?


What Are You Saying To Your Audience?


How Are You Using Data?


How Are You Being Strategic?


How Are You Managing It All?


Targeting Audiences

Integrity Media of New Jersey is a marketing and advertising agency that harnesses the power of data to hone-in on your customers and target your audience. We combine first- second and third-party data, coupled with authenticated IP targeting, to develop a media mix that reaches your customer across every screen in their home, with greater accuracy than ever before.

Clearing the Clutter

Customers can’t support something they don’t know about. That’s why cutting through the clutter is a key element of what Integrity Media does. We get the right message in front of the right eyes at the right time, increasing retention and action on your message. Solving that equation is what gets us out of bed each day. We work with you to clearly identify your audience, craft your messaging, refine the delivery and test for success.

Achieving Goals

When you make an investment in marketing, you want to see results—so do we. Integrity Media is your partner in clearly identifying what those goals are—increasing sales, awareness, traffic, impact—and developing the roadmap and resources to get you there. Metrics will be our compass, effectively demonstrating how we moved the needle. Whether your business is on the other side of the world or right here in New Jersey, our marketing agency is here to help you.


Integrity Media showed us how they target the right networks and programs and when we were ready for digital advertising, we went to Integrity Media. They truly listened to our needs and concerns.

Jacki LauritsenACS

Angelo has been an immense help. From finding the right audience to strategically placing our ads, Integrity Media is easy to work with and always putting our interests first to maximize our reach.

Mullooly Asset Management

Integrity Media has played a huge role in helping us to effectively and efficiently expand our traditional and digital advertising efforts. They are smart and very creative, with excellent follow up. I feel we are in very capable hands with Integrity Media as our marketing partner!

Reformed Church HomeAndrea Walls, Marketing Director

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