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If you’ve been struggling to grow your brand’s social presence, you’re not alone. Competition is fierce and followers have higher expectations. So, building your brand’s presence may seem even more difficult. Let’s break down 3 of the most common social media marketing challenges. For each hurdle, we’ll give you a couple of solutions that can help.


  1. Time

Messages. Notifications. Content deadlines. The list goes on and on. If you’re trying to build a presence across multiple platforms, lost productivity is probably one of your biggest social media challenges.

Having a multi-platform presence involves cross-posting and responding to comments across channels, however, doing so without a strategy in place is a recipe for burnout. There’s only so much time in the day that’s why it’s crucial to allocate your time without sacrificing customer relationships or ruining your own schedule.

The solution

Define your “priority” network and focus most of your efforts there. Ask yourself: where do you have the most meaningful interaction? Where are you seeing the most growth? Which platform is tied most to your business goals? Find a tool like Sprout to consolidate your social presence. Doing so will result in less time jumping between networks and will help streamline your workflow.


  1. Content

The most challenging part of social media management is thinking of new content. Whether a campaign falls flat or earns a ton of attention from followers, you’re still expected to follow up and keep the good content flowing.

The Solution

Assess your top-performing posts to understand what drives the most interactions. Try to find common threads between these posts. It can be things like the timing, theme, post types, format, tone. Focus on content that taps into your existing followers, customers, and community. This might include question-based content like polls. Behave like a consumer and do a search for your services/products on any social media platform. Out of all the results that appear, pick the one with the most engagement and study it. What catches your attention?



  1. Engagement

With so many brands competing against each other to always be on users’ timelines, it’s inevitable that some brands will fall behind. You may have great content to post, but if those posts aren’t showing up for followers, engagement declines. One of the main reasons for poor post engagement is the constantly changing algorithm that social media platforms use.

The Solution

Collaborate with a micro-influencer. The influencer market wouldn’t grow at the rate it has if influencers aren’t effective in bringing brands in front of their target audience. This is why it’s a good idea to start partnering with a micro-influencer if your brand is struggling with engagement. Also, consider running ads on those platforms. Find your balance between organic posts and ads because people dislike too many ads on their timeline.


Which social media challenges do you need the most help with? Building an impactful social presence doesn’t happen by accident. If you’re hitting roadblocks or don’t know what to do next, don’t panic. It happens. What matters is that you have a proactive plan to keep your presence moving forward.



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