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Every business needs a website. Amazingly, there are still companies out there, without a website, relying on Facebook, or directories to be their web presence. This is not sufficient and can result in lost market share.

Before selecting a website designer, inquire about the platform your site will be built on. If the answer is not WordPress you should consider other options.

There are three main reasons we support WordPress and use WordPress for our client’s needs.

1. With WordPress, you ALWAYS own your website. We believe owning your website is critical to your business growth. Too many agencies or web designers create sites on proprietary platforms, meaning you can’t take it with you if you don’t want to do business with that provider and future site upgrades must be made through them. What does it mean to “own” my own website? When you own your website, you keep copyright ownership of all your content throughout your website. Additionally, this means that you also own the database and source files in their entirety.

2. WordPress is upgradeable.  A platform that is upgradable helps you keep up with business opportunities that didn’t exist prior. Many times, enhancements build off feedback from customers, so you can possibly benefit from changes and new features encouraged by your peers. An evolving business is responsible for staying current and so should your website platform. WordPress will never become outdated because it can be ungraded with thousands of plug-in options,

3. An important consideration for the platform you select is universal acceptance. WordPress is FREE and powers over 20 million websites worldwide. So, if you require changes, specialty upgrades, or add-ons, you can be certain to be able to find a qualified designer able to accommodate your needs. On a proprietary platform, you have no choice in designer but the provider who built the site.

Those are the top three but there are many more benefits. Such as, WordPress websites are loved by search engines and there are higher chances for your website to get ranked higher. Most WordPress websites will be accessible by all device users in a mobile-friendly view and the list goes on.

Are you ready to own your website without worrying if you can handle the technology? If so, Integrity Media is prepared to help you achieve that independence. Our team are WordPress experts. Get in touch.


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