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Having a marketing strategy for your company is business 101. Otherwise, how is anyone supposed to know your business exists? Too many businesses put marketing last on the priority list and never commit to creating a brand voice. But if you a business that actively markets and advertises, reviewing and adjusting that strategy in a timely manner is important too. After a relatively short amount of time, our marketing messages reach their shelf-life, lose their “oomph” and stagnate, with dwindling return the result. Optimizing your message to stay fresh and capitalizing on new marketing tactics is a recommended approach. Read on for a few signs that it might be time to change up your marketing strategy.

  1. Outdated Tactics

This is the first sign is that your current marketing strategy is outdated. How do you know if it’s outdated? If it is over two years old, it is outdated. It is recommended that you review your tactics at least once a year, this will vary by industry, of course. When putting together your current strategy you may have had different employees, a different set of goals, and different technology.

Continuing to use outdated tactics could lead to neglecting possible consumers and not reaching your full potential. Business, technology, trends, and consumer behavior are constantly shifting and your strategy should mirror this.

  1. Budget Has Changed

In business, it is not likely that your marketing budget will stay the same year after year. Factors such as sales, turnover, capital investment, wages, and bills can affect your budget. The cost of marketing strategies also changes, ultimately altering your budget.

When you first set your current budget, you may have not had much to spend. Over the years business may have grown and/or expanded, and now you are able to invest more into an improved marketing strategy.

The same goes for a budget that gets smaller. If for any reason your budget must be downsized, you may want to revise your marketing strategy to ensure that you can afford it and still get your message out there as effectively as possible.

  1. Website Needs Updating

If you cannot remember the last time you ran a thorough review of your website, it has been too long. Maintaining an updated site on a modern platform is important for businesses in this era. Whether you are selling products directly to consumers online or providing information, your website is the keystone of your branding and marketing strategy. In 2020, there is no reason for you to have a non-secure website. Your site should also be mobile responsive. There is nothing more annoying for internet users than a site that does not look right or takes too long to load on their phone. Before it is finally done loading, they are on to another website and you lose out on a prospect. Your website must work on all screen sizes and devices for customers to take you seriously.

All your information on the site should be constantly updated. Presentation is also crucial, when content looks antiquated and lacks mixed-media content it does not attract engagement.


If you are ready to revamp your marketing strategy or implement a new one, contact Integrity Media. We are a digital and traditional marketing agency that can help you find and implement the correct marketing strategy for your business and within your budget.
We constantly review and optimize your results, creating a stronger, more efficient campaign as time goes on and we will show you, through measurable data and reporting, exactly how things are going.

Your free consultation is just a call or email away. We look forward to hearing from you!


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