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Facebook’s multi-billion user base, cutting-edge ad platform, detailed targeting options, and extensive list of case studies make it an ideal place to market your business. But it is not as simple as it appears and not everyone sees instant results. Facebook Ads have become extremely competitive, making it crucial to do things correctly to avoid wasting time and money.

If Facebook Ads are something you would like to succeed with, follow these three steps.

1. Target Effectively

Facebook is the online watering hole, you have any number of ways you can point your ads, but the key is knowing your audience and target them with your ad accordingly. Facebook Ads give you the freedom to reach very specific audiences. But adding too many attributes to your target audience reduces the pool of potential recipients of your ad; if your audience is too niche, your results will suffer.

Facebook Ads are best to create awareness (awareness is the first step in the sales funnel and the widest net). People use Facebook to socialize and maybe get a local recommendation for a service, but they don’t visit Facebook to shop for a place to eat or get their car repaired.

2. Test your campaigns

Relying on Facebook algorithms will not provide the results you want. Effective ad testing will help you master how Facebook Ads best works for your business.

The process seems so easy. You set up an account, start running Facebook ads and wait for results. However, expecting great results the first time around is folly. The only way to know what works is by testing your ads. Design several ads and split test them against each other to gain insight about each. With some creative testing, you can refine your delivery, to maximize ad reach.

3. Focus on long term results

Only a tiny percentage of consumers see an ad and take action right away. People will see your ad, but getting them to click and convert is not that straightforward. However, you can start nudging consumers in your direction by having a variety of ads that create familiarity.

If you are trying to build awareness and generate interest, a “buy now” strategy is never a good choice. Users engage with ads that show them how you solve their problems. If you strike the right chord, you will gain space on their radar. Be sure to design ads for those who may already be familiar with your product too. Multi-layer strategies like this will produce more success in the long run by specifically speaking to an audience segment.

What’s the Takeaway?

Facebook ads are a useful way to reach people. Testing ads, targeting a small audience, and focusing on long-term success is the recommended manner to launch your campaigns. Perhaps you came across this article because you need help with your Facebook Ads or maybe you thought it would be quick and easy. If you are struggling with Facebook ads, try implementing the suggestions in this article. Once you figure out how Facebook ads work for your business, you will maximize your success. And if you still feel like you need help, the pros at Integrity Media are here to help you avoid common mistakes with your advertising. Call us or email us. We’ve been doing this stuff for over 20 years.


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