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Both digital and traditional marketing offers many benefits to businesses. Yes, most people are online nowadays, but traditional marketing still has leverage in the marketing world. That is because not everyone is online all the time. Many people still listen to the radio, watch television, and read the newspaper and magazines. Combining traditional & digital marketing opens the doors to reach more customers and create more conversions. Not sold? Here are 3 benefits to combine both online and offline tactics.


  1. Stand Out

When you use a combination of offline and online campaigns, you’re expanding your market reach. While your competitors are busy concentrating on the digital space, you’ll have the best of both worlds. You can further increase brand recognition by ensuring your website and campaigns reflect the same look and feel.


  1. Marketing is in Sync

Expand the effectiveness of your marketing by getting your offline and online channels working together. Gain the customer’s attention with online & social media ads, then retain that attention with promotional coupons or billboard ads. Include your business website and email address on all marketing collateral. Drive online traffic by using print advertising to promote special offers that can be accessed online. Include QR codes on posters to drive consumers to your website or feature unique hashtags on brochures, flyers, and print ads to start a conversation on social media.


  1. Easy Tracking

Tracking traditional media can be a little difficult depending on the tactic. When you combine both you can create a strategy to better track and monitor performance. Tools like Google Analytics make it easy to track, analyze and optimize online marketing activities. The web can also be used to effectively measure your offline marketing campaigns, such as setting up A-B testing to monitor the promotional headlines, special offers, and other messages customers are likely to prefer.

Both online and offline marketing have advantages. Combining them is the best way to guarantee your audience is reached effectively.


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