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Content marketing is a great way to build brand awareness, but it can accomplish so much more. Here are three areas to focus on to improve your content and increase your odds for conversion.


  1. Research

The first step is to have a solid strategy. Researching your target audience helps you create content that they care about. Not sure who they are? Think of the types of customers you want. Once you have that figured out, do some research and find out what they engage with. Be thorough with that research and back up your strategy with data and insights.

Analyzing the traffic on your website and social media profiles will also help you get to know your audience. Most social media platforms already have built-in analytics, and you can use Google Analytics from your website to create a profile of who you’re talking to.


  1. Sales funnel

If you understand your sales funnel, you can target the right people with the right content at the right time. Prospects at different stages have different needs. In the initial stage, your content’s aim would simply be to attract relevant people, but as a customer reaches decision time, you need content that convinces a person to buy.

While doing your sales funnel analysis take note of the length of your sales cycle, the stages of your sales funnel, and the content requirements at each stage.


  1. Trends

Find out what type of content resonates with your audience. Look at all your marketing channels user behavior and engagement metrics to answer:

  • Which pages/posts get the most engagement and conversions?
  • Where are you losing your leads?
  • Which type of content gets the most views, shares, comments, etc.?

Metrics like time-spent-on-page and bounce rates are helpful in assessing this. For social media, the engagement rate can tell you a lot about what your audience likes.


If you understand your target audience and have selected the right platforms, half the job is done. If not, we’re here to help. Put our 25 years of marketing experience to work for you. Your free consultation is just a call or email away!


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