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It’s estimated that over 70% of online activity has to do with local searches. People commonly look up things like restaurants, contractors, retail stores, and other service providers within their area, and if your business relies on local traffic, it’s time to invest in location-based marketing tactics. Our team of SEO and digital marketing professionals is here to boost your visibility within your community and make sure the people who are searching find you with ease.

Unlike generalized online marketing, location-based strategies require a slightly different approach. To help you navigate the world of geo-targeting and digital advertising, you need an experienced agency like Integrity Media of New Jersey. Geo-targeting optimizes your content to appear in search results for a specific area, boosting your relevance to the populations you serve. Using tools like top-level domains, Google business pages, and targeted keywords, we can put you front and center as an industry leader in your city.


85% of users focus on organic results


Location specific ad campaigns are
20 times
more effective than traditional banner ads.


People get 69% of their media from smartphones

As search engines become smarter, it’s even more important to invest in professional location-based SEO, so you don’t get buried in the results. We continually update our tactics for maximum efficiency, to keep your business relevant in your chosen geographical area. With our help, you can win the game of online visibility.
Whether someone is searching for you on their desktop, laptop, or mobile device, they may encounter different results. This strategy can be complex, but you can feel confident working with the experts at Integrity Media of New Jersey. Geo-targeted SEO is our specialty, and we will adjust our strategies to ensure your visibility, no matter what. We’ll highlight your goods and services in the best ways, at the best times.
If you want to be a leader in your community, it all starts with building relationships with those in your area. Location-based SEO is the first step to connecting with your potential clients and creating a network of support, referrals, positive reviews, and raving fans. Integrity Media is here to help you take that step, and boost your brand reputation!

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