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3 Elements of a Modern Web Design

People use websites for all kinds of things; socializing, streaming, purchasing, streaming, etc. And they do these activities at any hour of the day. They expect a good online experience and pleasing web design at the center of their interactions. An effective design creates visual appeal and has SEO techniques implemented, to assist the site rank higher on Google searches. There are hundreds of design elements to choose, but for this conversation, we’ve narrowed it down to the essentials.


  1. Layout

As of February 2022 mobile made up 57.38% of global web traffic. It’ll continue to increase as smartphones become the primary source of online access. Your website design should adapt to different screen sizes without compromising usability or experience. If your site doesn’t already do that, it leads to a loss of traffic, ranking, revenue, and credibility. Not sure? Open your browser on your phone and type in your website. If it still looks like a desktop layout, then you have a problem. Another element of the layout is white space. A balance of white space and content makes the site looks organized, readable, and easy to navigate. Let your website breathe.


  1. Typography

Modern sites feature clean and bold lettering. Clean typography includes the following:

  • Appropriately sized text, usually larger than 16px
  • Black/gray lettering, in accordance with the background
  • Web-standard fonts
  • Sufficient space between lines to facilitate easy reading.

Most companies use a specific font as part of their brand identity. For example, The New Yorker uses Adobe Caslon to create its highly recognizable typeset. Integrity Media uses Calibri. Consider adopting a font for your website that stays consistent across pages and any of your other online resources.


  1. Speed

Pages that load in 5 seconds have a bounce rate of 38%. In the age of instant gratification, websites are expected to load immediately, or they will be abandoned. Fortunately, a web design with high page load speed is not difficult. Steps to achieve this would be:

  • Optimize all images, regardless of size.
  • Choose a robust hosting environment. Ex: VPS hosting or shared hosting.
  • Use compression to keep files smaller.

To test your website speed, you can use this website.


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