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Have you considered marketing your business to Facebook groups? You should. Facebook’s ability to create is an effective marketing tool when done right. Facebook prioritizes content from groups that users frequently engage with. If you consistently publish to your group and your audience is reacting or posting content, you are feeding the Facebook algorithm correctly.

So how do you integrate Facebook Groups into your Facebook marketing strategies?


Joining or creating a group is not just about you. Always welcome new members of your group. It establishes a connection from day one that leads to a comfortable environment. Keep things interesting with a poll, survey, or quiz, so members can share their opinions. Also, take the time to like, comment, and share other’s posts. This will encourage them to check out your posts.

Do not Oversell

Think like a consumer. Not every post has to be about selling. It turns off your audience. Instead, find interesting and useful information related to your company and share that. You can also chat about current events in your industry. Starting a themed weekly discussion is a great way to get members talking. Just keep the conversation rolling even when there isn’t anything new or special going on.

Provide Value

A Facebook group can give you a leg up if you organize or promote events. When you create private customers-only groups, it lets them feel part of the community. You can give group members special access to offers. There they can discuss your product, services, or goals or ask questions. This will also strengthen your relationship with your supporters.


What’s the Takeaway?

Facebook groups provide a free channel to grow your fan base. You can easily build a like-minded community and even increase the chances of conversion.

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