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“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and marketing analytics is the combustion engine.” -- Peter Sondergaard

Digital marketing analytics is the biggest game changer in the advertising game. At Integrity Media, data is our compass with all our New Jersey marketing analytics. It tells us where we succeed. It tells us where we can do better. Data comes from multiple sources, including your audience. Location, behavior, viewership, purchasing habits and digital footprints are just a few of the data points we leverage with real-time information. We get to know your customers in ways you never dreamed. Our New Jersey marketing analytics are built on relationships, giving Integrity Media deep dive data insight that you can’t get elsewhere. Whether your business is on the other side of the globe, or right here in New Jersey, our internet marketing experts offer online content, marketing and analytics. Our experts are here to help, and we value data as much as creativity.

We are Fluent in Marketing Data Analytics

Party Data

Information you collect from your audience; like customer email addresses, phone numbers or your website analytics

Party Data

Someone else’s data. Usually very accurate. Typically we acquire this data from the owner.

Party Data

Made up of pieces of info about online users. Interest, demographics and purchase intentions are just a few of the attributes our 3rd party partners data provide.

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