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Throughout the year consumers, buying habits fluctuate. So, as a marketer, it’s important to update your marketing strategy with the ebb and flow of business to keep things fresh. Not sure how? Here are a few suggestions.


  1. Google Trends

This tool uses real-time data so that you see when and what consumers and potential customers are interested in, as well as insight into their shopping behaviors over time. Google Trends can point you to trending products, so you can prepare to make the most of consumer interest. For example, in 2020, searches for “outdoor fire pit” grew by more than 200% globally, year over year. Knowing what people are specifically looking at any given time, can help you position the right products at the right time.


  1. Build your audience

Anyone that showed interest in your business should be in your database. Make sure to stay in touch with current customers and launch campaigns to connect with new leads. Use retargeting strategies based on the success of seasonal campaigns to target those most interested in your products and services. Encourage reviews during peak season and promote them on your website, social media, and marketing campaigns throughout the year.


  1. Be proactive

Always include calls to action and promote offers that can be redeemed outside peak season. This attracts people during traditionally quiet periods while maintaining and building brand awareness. In the lead-up to holidays, like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, create a sense of urgency with seasonal messaging in your content. When you tailor ads to reflect the time of year it helps shoppers move along the buying journey.


  1. Build anticipation

Ramp up the excitement. Display seasonal sales or offers with a pop-up countdown timer. This will help drive return traffic and conversions. On social media, conduct polls and start conversations with your followers before your seasonal launch. Stay creative with posts and videos that grab attention and increase engagement.

It’s never too early to start planning. During slow months, consider what upcoming marketing plans should look like so you´re ready for the next promotion or sale. Give your audience the info they need for the buying cycle they’re in and also give people something to talk about during the slower times when they may not normally patronize your business..


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