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Is your website optimized for local voice search?

Voice searches are three times more likely to be for local information than not. You know the drill; you’re home, or out and you need a quick answer. So, you take out your phone or you ask Alexa, Siri, Hey Google, etc.

Even in the age of one-day shipping, locals consumers will still come to your business and make a purchase, which is why showing up in the local search pack is essential, especially if you’re a brick-and-mortar business. For many businesses, local SEO is already a part of their digital marketing, but a surprising percentage are not.

It’s important to tell people that you’re a local business. Content should be relevant to your area and inclusive of local keywords. For example, include phrases used to describe the neighborhood around your location. Add “near me” in your title tags, meta description, internal links, and anchor text. And mention landmarks around your business location

Next, create content that’s authentic and valuable. When people voice search, they’re going to speak in a more natural way than typing a query. Try to match the way people ask questions to their voice assistants.

Your Google My Business Listing is another essential component. All details about your business, such as contact number, address, and opening hours must be accurate. It’s the exact information voice searches are asking for, so it’s a simple way to get accurate results to people’s questions.

You want to double-check if your site is mobile-friendly. Why? Because most of these searches are done through mobile devices, and you want to offer a good mobile experience. It’s also a component of Google’s algorithms.

We’ve established that people tend to use questions when making voice searches. The great thing about Google is that you get insight into frequently asked questions. Type a question that relates to your website and examine the results. You’ll most likely see a box titled “people also ask.” This feature displays for many queries, and it shows you the questions your target audience is regularly asking. Then you can offer content that answers those questions.

What’s the takeaway?

Voice isn’t replacing text search, it’s improving it. Voice-enabled devices are becoming more embedded in our daily lives. Answer people’s questions and make it easy and enjoyable in the process. It’s going to give you an excellent chance of ranking when a customer needs you.


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