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“Nobody counts the amount of television advertising you run; they just remember the impression you make.” -- Bill Bernbach

Television advertising has a significant impact on marketing. Even with the rise of various devices, television remains relevant. Have you ever seen YouTube and Google ads during your favorite shows? You see – even Google recognizes the power of reaching a wide TV audience. So why not use television advertising for your Philadelphia business?

There are numerous networks that cater to various interests and demographics, targeting opportunities are plentiful, and the rates are surprisingly affordable for TV ads. As Philadelphia’s premier television advertising team, Integrity Media specializes in providing this kind of valuable knowledge. We want our clients to be well-informed about our strategies, so we can develop successful campaigns together.

If you need to know how to advertise on TV correctly, you’ve come to the right place. At Integrity Media, we combine the power of television advertising with digital marketing. Blending television and digital ads creates a more effective approach than using either medium alone. In over twenty years of TV commercial production in Philadelphia, we’ve created a variety of winning TV advertising campaigns. Whether it’s national broadcasts or local cable, television advertising offers numerous opportunities to reach your target audience.

Managing television commercial campaigns in Philadelphia and beyond is where Integrity Media excels. Our tactics are backed by data, and our strategy is built upon our deep understanding of the programming landscape. We utilize our expertise to raise awareness of your business through local TV ads in Philadelphia or national television advertising campaigns. If you’re new to television advertising, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll guide you through the process of producing your TV ad and ensure it gets shown to the right audience.

Television advertising by the numbers:


Average number of networks a household views in a month


Average hours of daily household TV viewership (national average)


Percentage of household TV viewing that takes place live (10% DVR/On Demand)