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Content creation takes up a lot of time and ideas don’t always come quickly. So, is it ok to reuse a few pieces? Of course, it is, we’ll show you how. Repurposing content means changing the format of your original content to make it more accessible and relevant for different audiences. You can convert:

Blog posts into videos

Videos into podcasts

Podcasts into infographics

Infographics into eBooks

eBooks into presentations


Start with a great piece of content. Save repurposing for the best of your best. A great measurement tool to do this is Google Analytics. Simply open your landing pages report and see which pages are bringing you the most traffic. However, even if the post didn’t impact your audience as expected, there’s no problem recycling it.



The next step is to adapt the content into the appropriate format. For instance, a great post that you’d like to transform into video content. Reading the post word for word will bore your audience in the first 5 seconds. Use the post as the basis for your video but tweak it to fit the new format. Shortening the text, adding sound effects and transitions, and a few jokes will add flair to your video and make it appealing for your new audience.


Group or Divide

Take a larger piece of content and divide it into smaller pieces. You can also take several pieces of similar content and put them into one. For example, you have several blog posts on a particular topic. Put them together and create a data-packed eBook. Here’s another idea, use blog posts to create an email series. By doing so, you can deliver interesting and valuable content directly to your users’ inboxes.

No matter how you choose to repurpose your content, you can sit back and relax, knowing it’ll help you reach a new audience and get an SEO boost. Take full advantage of this tactic by thinking ahead and including it in your marketing strategy. Remember, one story can help you create dozens of pieces of content.


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