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Site retargeting (remarketing) is a helpful marketing tool that increases website traffic and brand recall. This is done by delivering ads to people who have previously visited your website but did not convert. Visitors that are retargeted return to your site more often than those that aren’t. By avoiding the mistakes below, you can maximize your retargeting success.


Excessive Retargeting

Everyone has encountered an ad that is constantly popping up. Being overly aggressive with your retargeting can annoy potential consumers. All you have to do is set a frequency cap on the number of impressions each user sees.


Insufficient Retargeting

Not retargeting enough can be just as ineffectual. The key to retargeting is to keep brands fresh to consumers. You cannot solidify brand awareness by retargeting only a few ads a month. The right number per month depends on many factors, but a good marketing team will strike the right balance.


Lack of Creativity

Ads should display the brand, be brief but comprehensive, and stand out. Changing the look of your ads or using a dynamic ad strategy, keeps things fresh. Research has proven that click-through rates drop by about 50% after 5 months of seeing the same ad. If you alternate with creative ads frequently you can prevent a decline in your results.


No Segmentation

Users that have already browsed your website are at a different stage than those who have only seen the homepage. Every page on your website should have a different segment and creative. These creatives should represent the different stages within the conversion funnel.


Not Tracking Success

The retargeting platform you use will provide data on click-through rates and conversions, however, it should not end there. Google Analytics is a great way for you to also keep track of your success. It is simple, you create a free account and start tracking site visits and customer loyalty metrics.


If you would like to learn more about site retargeting or have questions, feel free to contact the Integrity Media team. We have 25 years of marketing experience and can help you find and implement the correct marketing strategy for your business. Your free consultation is just a call or email away.


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