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Partnering with a marketing agency is a good idea for any business, small or large. It allows the business owners to focus on running their show, while a trusted partner manages the marketing and advertising budget. A good agency adds value to a brand and in many ways becomes an extension of that brand. But as in any relationship, complacency can set in and partnerships can be taken for granted. Maybe your agency has gotten bigger and can’t put in the same effort, or perhaps a key contributor left the agency, changing the dynamic and affecting output. This leaves a business owner to wonder “Is it time to switch agencies?”. Here are three things to consider when weighing that decision.

  1. Their Work is Getting Sloppy

In the beginning, your agency’s work was spectacular. But lately, not so much so. Gradual erosion of quality until it is a glaring problem. Your marketing agency is an extension of your brand, so sloppy work is unacceptable. How do you know if their work is sloppy? Two signs are missed deadlines and consistent mistakes

Eventually, sloppy work will have a direct effect on how your audience perceives your brand. These mistakes can be things like typos, grammar errors, mixed-up ad-creative, off-brand comments on social media, billing errors and so many more that I’m sure you’re thinking of right now because they’ve happened to you recently.

  1. Lack of Transparency

Transparency is particularly important for an agency to build and maintain trust.

Your marketing agency should be clear with you about the work they are doing, what they are billing you for, and their reporting on the results.

Most likely you receive an invoice every month. That invoice should give you the information needed to understand the services performed. It should also contain how the services are fulfilling contractual commitments. Ask yourself, do the numbers add up and make sense regarding the initial agreement?

Your agency should prioritize transparency, especially when it comes to billing and reporting.

  1. Lack of Reporting

Communication is a two-way street. Consistent issues with communication are the killer of client-agency relationships because these complications lead to distrust.

Your agency should be providing reports on its findings every month. Using a pre-outlined schedule, they can measure what works, what does not, while offering new ideas to change the current strategy. These reports also explain the work being done to fulfill contractual responsibilities.

Does your agency’s reporting provide the information you need to understand your return on investment? Can you justify the cost of working with the agency? It becomes a significant issue when reports are not provided frequently and don’t include the right information to make informed decisions about your marketing.


As with any relationship, communication is key and without regular check-ins, misunderstandings can arise, causing irreparable damage to a client-agency relationship. If you need a new marketing partner and would like to learn more, or have questions, contact the Integrity Media team. Put our 25 years of marketing experience to work for you. Your free consultation is just a call or email away.



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