“Nobody counts the amount of television advertising you run; they just remember the impression you make.” -- Bill Bernbach

Television advertising is important to the marketing mix. Even in this age of multiple devices, television is relevant, so don’t let anyone tell you differently. You’ve noticed YouTube and Google ads on “regular TV”, haven’t you? Google knows the power of leveraging a mass television audience. Why haven’t you? There are hundreds of networks, catering to every niche. The targeting opportunities are myriad and at rates lower than you’d expect.

Integrity Media’s strategy combines television advertising with digital marketing. So if you’ve ever wondered, “how do I advertise on TV?”, you’ve come to the right agency. A blend of television and digital advertising is more effective than either medium on its own. We have grown alongside the cable TV industry and have developed winning TV campaigns for over twenty years. National broadcast and local cable television advertising offers many opportunities to target an audience. Integrity Media knows the ins and outs of managing television commercial campaigns. Our tactics are supported by data. Our strategy is centered around our inherent knowledge of the programming landscape. We generate mass or targeted awareness of your business through local cable TV or national broadcast networks. Contact us to learn more about how to produce your TV ad and get it on the air on the right channels.

Some Numbers That Support Television Advertising:


Average number of networks a household views in a month


Average hours of daily household TV viewership (national average)


Percentage of household TV viewing that takes place live (10% DVR/On Demand)

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