“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” -- Bill Bernbach

Television is relevant, even in the age of multiple devices. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Or haven’t you noticed YouTube and Google ads on “regular TV”? Integrity Media knows blending digital and TV is far more effective than either on its own. We have grown alongside the industry and have been strategically maximizing TV audiences for over two decades, adapting all the while. The TV marketing landscape offers myriad options to communicate effectively with your audience, many of them rooted in data and digital delivery. Integrity Media constructs winning campaigns that create awareness and drive web traffic and ultimately, increase sales.

Some Numbers That Will Surprise You:


Average number of networks a household views in a month


Average hours of daily household TV viewership (national average)


Percentage of household TV viewing that takes place live (10% DVR/On Demand)

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