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“Nobody counts the amount of television advertising you run; they just remember the impression you make.” -- Bill Bernbach

Television advertising holds a vital place in the world of marketing. Even in this era of multiple digital devices, TV ads remain highly relevant, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Have you ever noticed YouTube and Google ads on regular TV? Even they understand the power of reaching a wide television audience. So, why haven’t you taken advantage of television advertising for your Washington DC organization?

There are countless networks catering to every interest and demographic. The opportunities for targeting are abundant, and rates are surprisingly affordable for TV ads in Washington DC. This is the kind of knowledge that Integrity Media’s television advertising team brings to the capitol city. We educate our clients, keeping them well-informed about our strategies. This collaboration allows us to develop winning campaigns together.

If you want to understand how to advertise on TV successfully, you’ve come to the right agency. Integrity Media’s strategy combines the strengths of television advertising with digital marketing. As one of the top TV commercial production companies in Washington DC, we’ve found a blend of television and digital advertising is more effective than using either medium alone. For over twenty years, we have been creating successful TV advertising campaigns in Washington DC. Whether it’s national broadcasts, local cable, or even political TV commercials, Washington’s top television advertising company offers numerous opportunities to reach your target audience.

Managing television commercial campaigns requires expertise, and Integrity Media knows the ins and outs of the process. We utilize our skills to generate awareness of your business through national broadcast television, local TV ads in Washington DC, and even political commercials. Our tactics are supported by data, and our strategy is rooted in our extensive knowledge of the programming landscape. If television advertising is new to you, don’t hesitate to contact Washington DC’s TV commercial production experts. We’ll guide you through the process of producing TV ads and ensure they get on the airwaves, reaching the ideal audience.

Television advertising by the numbers:


Average number of networks a household views in a month


Average hours of daily household TV viewership (national average)


Percentage of household TV viewing that takes place live (10% DVR/On Demand)