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A connected TV, simply put is a device that supports video content streaming. It’s usually the biggest screen in the house and many homes have multiple connected TVs. Content can be streamed from a multitude of providers and through different kinds of devices. Cable TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and others are a few examples of where people access their favorite shows, whenever they want. In many cases, viewers don’t even realize they are streaming, when they access a show. The shift has quietly and slowly become seamless.

And that’s where TV has changed most. Because of technology, content is now at our fingertips at any time and from anywhere. This brings us to you, the advertiser. Connected TV (CTV, aka OTT, streaming TV) offers new opportunities to reach your desired audience. CTV advertising is growing exponentially as an opportunity to engage users by combining the perks of digital advertising with the reach of TV. Why do you need connected TV? Let us list some reasons.

More Control Over Your Ads 

You determine the audience. Integrity Media has precise targeting capabilities. We can create ad personalization using demographic data, geography, and even your own CRM of customers or past clients. Imagine sending TV ads only to the households you want. No need to imagine. It’s here. Now.

Reach Your Audience Anywhere

The most effective marketing campaigns are those that meet consumers where they are. According to a recent CTV report, 82% of households are expected to be connected to CTV by 2023. A study by Statista shows that people spend an average of 1 hour per day in front of a CTV device. This growing popularity makes CTV the perfect space to advertise.

Cost-Effective & Real-Time Advanced Reporting

Essentially, your ads get on the big screen without paying big-screen prices. And since it’s a digital platform, typically you can run a report in real-time in some cases. Some of the key information in these reports should include: how many people did you reach? How many impressions were delivered? How many impressions were viewed to completion? Measuring your performance is no longer as challenging as it once was with TV advertising. CTV fuels performance campaigns.

Higher Completion Rates

With traditional TV advertising, viewers can change the channel. CTV ads are non-skippable, and viewers must watch the entire ad to continue with their content. Studies have found are more tolerant of ads on streaming platforms.

Algorithms Make the Difference

Algorithms are developed and used to automatically purchase media space that matches your previously defined criteria. The algorithms are reviewed for every campaign in order to, “learn”, and offer better results for future campaigns. So essentially, your targeting improves as a campaign moves forward.

Connected TV provides many advantages and benefits to advertisers not previously available on the big screen. High view rates, cost-effectiveness, and greater control combined with advanced learning technology and real-time reporting make Connected TV a clear choice for businesses interested in reaching their audiences effectively through video.


If Connected TV is something you’ve considered or want to learn about, we can help. Give us a call or send us a message on our contact form.


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