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Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is the first step to creating a website that is in lockstep with what consumers near you are searching for. Search engine optimization or SEO is the bread and butter of digital marketing and should be your number one priority.

When internet users go on a search, they use keywords. For example, a woman looking for a new pair of sneakers might search for ‘sneakers for women’ or ‘Nike sneakers for women’. Keywords can be long or short.

As a business owner, doing your own keyword research is important. Without insight into what people are searching for, how are will they find you? Keep in mind it’s not only users who are searching for these keywords. Google and other search engines read the content on your website to find keywords and rank you for those terms. However, they can only rank your website if they know what it is about. Inserting targeted keywords on different pages of your website allows search engines to rank you for those keywords.

Keyword research also helps you understand your brand and your business. What are you selling? What are your services? Identifying your keywords can help you to understand what people are searching for rather than what you think they are searching for.

Keyword research is the starting point, but it should be an ongoing process. Frequently checks of your keywords will keep your website, social media, and other digital marketing fresh and timely. Combining keyword research with other SEO strategies will help increase your visibility, and more people will find your website.


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